Combo Único
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Combo único is a side project of a six-piece Salsa dancing orchestra started by musical director Amilcar Guevara with the idea of experimenting with the traditional and contemporary rhythms of the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

The band's energetic "Salsa" style appeals to both dancers and listening audiences and the
distinct Jazz influence of the musicians make for a provocative blend of styles.

Combo Único can be heard every other Saturday at El Parado located at 2744 E. Broadway, Tucson, AZ

Wladimir Pinto - Lead Vocals & Percussion
Onofre "Nafi" Escobar - Congas
Aaron Szabo - Timbales, Drum Set
Amilcar Guevara - Piano, Musical Director
Mark Usvolk - Bass
José Barnett - Trombone
upper row, left to right: Wladimir, Mark, Nafi, Aaron
lower row, left to right: Amilcar, José